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My work speaks for itself best through the voices of my clients, and it is a pleasure to share their comments with you:

Christophe was professional. He and his barback arrived in time, had the bar set up and ready to go before the first guest arrived. Many of my guests commented on how great the bartending service was this year. Christophe reached out to people during the party, making sure their drinks were replenished and even helped above and beyond bartending. When the party was over, they had done much of the cleanup. It was definitely money well spent and made the party special for my guest and myself. If you want people to have fun and be able to enjoy spending time with your guests, the best option is to hire a bartender. I will certainly reach out to Christophe for my next party.

    | Don Zwink, Seattle, Washington |

I found myself in a bind—my turn to hold the wine tasting and traveling too much to pull it together. Christophe did a fantastic job from beginning to end. He created a theme, selected and procured the wines, and created a wine-snob crowd pleasing appetizer and entree. Everyone in attendance also enjoyed interacting with Christophe. One of the best wine tasting events our group has ever held!

    | Julie Burnett, President & CEO, Liberty Northwest, Seattle, Washington |

I can’t speak highly enough about Christophe’s bartending. He’s an absolute professional. A few days before my book release party, Christophe visited the venue to plan out the bar. He patiently answered all of my questions, offering up suggestions for a drink menu, liquor quantities to purchase, names of rental companies for barware, and even an inexpensive place to buy ice. He’s done this before, and he was prepared.

At the party, he was terrific. He showed up early, giving himself plenty of time to set up a terrific looking bar. He mixed great drinks. And on top of all that, he was charming, courteous and gracious. My guests raved about him.

I hope I have another opportunity to throw a big party, because I’d hire Christophe again in heartbeat.

    | Jay Greene, author of Design Is How It Works, Seattle, Washington |

I hired Christophe for my wife’s 40th birthday party in our home, which was attended by about 20 people. His presence and his talent made what would have been merely a good party into an exceptional one. He prepared a special cocktail menu that made it easy for people to order, and his drinks were amazing—and amazingly popular. Christophe also quickly formed a rapport with our guests. Despite being very busy all night, he was courteous, kind, and friendly. And with him taking care of the drinks, I was able to enjoy the party.

I would also add that once I found Christophe, the overall party planning became much easier. He took the time to meet with me a few days before the party to go over the arrangements, helped me decide where the bar should go, and answered other questions I had. He handled the rental of the glassware, plates, and silverware, which relieved me of another planning task. He provided a list of what to buy, and his recommended quantities turned out to be very accurate.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Christophe again—he is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

    | Pete Benmar, Seattle, Washington |

Christophe Rougny is the consummate professional.  He arrived promptly, came equipped with all that he needed, and set up a truly beautiful and professional looking bar from the various and sundry items in my house.  He could easily have convinced me to rent everything but the kitchen sink, but instead tried to keep the costs down and use what we already had.  This spoke as much about his decency as a businessman as to his artistic sensibilities.

His drinks were fabulous.  He remembered everyone's name, their drink of choice, and offered much variety for the more adventurous in the group.  All this was done with alacrity, grace, and charm.  Really. 

In short, there are some poor services, many mediocre ones, and rarely, a few genuinely talented folks who have mastered their trade—like Christophe.

    | Kris Frantz, Seattle, Washington |

Thank you for all your assistance and great service for the engagement party.  Everyone loved your special drinks and your great service, not to mention that you were sweet enough to get out on the dance floor at the insistance of some of the ladies.  They loved that you would participate in the fun of the evening!  You were a big part of the fun and entertainment of the evening. We look forward to having you again at our next social engagement!

    | Kathy & Tim Sinclair, Seattle, Washington |

"Dear Christophe: In planning our recent special event, I wanted some help to run the party.  I wanted a sense of style and elegance, and I especially wanted to be able to relax and enjoy the time with our guests without having to worry about serving food or drinks. 

Christophe, you made all of this possible, and more!  I cannot thank you enough for making our special gathering such a wonderful success!  I know that it was because of you, your presence, and ability to treat all of our guests with elegant style that made it such a special event.  So many of our guests have commented on what such a wonderful party it was – and I know they say that because of what you brought to it.  Thank you. 

In facilitating the event, the list of items that you provided me prior to the party was exceptionally helpful and included everything that was needed.  You independently set-up bar and simply moved the event forward by getting everyone drinks and feeling comfortable.  It is noteworthy to state that when I asked you for potentially adding another staff member for this party, you stated that it wasn’t needed and would simply cost more money.  You were right.  The event was perfect.  I look forward to having many more events and parties with you as the bartender.  Thank you again."

    | Susan Furman, West Seattle, Washington |

"Christophe has added a whole new dimension to our events with his dynamic personality and creative cocktail mixes.  The guests love his inventive drinks and European style.  His years of bartending experience shine through whenever he bartends for one of our catered events or teaches our guests how to make their own cocktail creations in one of our cooking classes.  Blue Ribbon has become one of Christophe greatest fans."

    | Vanessa Johns-Webster, Director of Catering, Blue Ribbon Cooking School LLC, Seattle, Washington |

"Christophe is the best vendor we have worked with. With shorter than intended notice of our 60+ person event, he was punctual, professional, and an overall delight to work with. He provided excellent guidance in organizing a bar menu, quickly locating heaters for outside areas, coordinating extra bartenders for our event, who were equally professional, and followed through by breaking down everything the day after. We were so happy with his service that we've hired him on to handle all of the bartending services for our wedding. We can't recommend him enough. Thank you Christophe!"

    | Sarah Lyons, NW Senior Sales Manager:, Seattle, Washington |

"Christophe showed up on time and completely ready to get set up. While I was finishing getting myself ready for the party, he set up the bar so that everything was ready when people arrived. After I introduced the first guests by name to him, they remarked how impressed they were that he called them by name each time they came to the bar throughout the evening. The drinks he made were delicious, and it was quite entertaining watching him work—much more fun than if we were making the drinks ourselves. He told me in advance what and how much to buy. He circulated throughout the party, ensuring everyone had something to drink. He suggested new drinks for some of the guests, which they loved. He even cleaned the bar area up after the party. All in all, it was a great evening, largely due to his professionalism and presence."

    | Lauren Smith, Shoreline, Washington |

"We employed Christophe Rougny to bartend my birthday party at our house attended by more than 30 guests and he was an important reason why it was a wonderful experience.  Christophe was not presented with an easy task because we had limited space for the rented bar but decided to serve wine, beer and a full array of mixed drinks.  He emailed us ahead of time with a complete shopping list of what we would need; he provided his own equipment and he came early to set up and take care of any last minute details.  Christophe was warm and consistently professional and went out of his way to make the evening enjoyable for everyone, even to the extent of remembering people’s drink orders.  We were able to devote our complete attention to the party and our guests.  I enthusiastically recommend Christophe and will certainly hire him in the future for any similar event.  I might add that his fees were very reasonable for the services he performed."

    | Frank Retman, Seattle, Washington |

"With 70 friends in my home celebrating the publication of our book, Christophe's skillful bar
management ensured every guest's satisfaction with whatever drink they wanted. His signature
cocktails are imaginatively prepared and beautifully served, and everyone that night credited
their good time to Christophe's authentic French flair and genuinely caring attitude."

    | Gary McAvoy, co-author with Dr. Jane Goodall, Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating
| Seattle, Washington








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